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Rei - WarZ ESP Overlay Hack (Patch 1.1.0 [Hot Fix 2])

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Обновленный чит от 25.02.13.

*Page up = Размер текста ++
*Page Down = Размер теста --
*RIGHT = Линия для других игроков
*LEFT = Прицел
*DOWN = Имена игроков
*UP = всё

*Delete = Спрятать меню

*NUMPAD7 = Имя игрока
*NUMPAD8 = Линия от игрока
*NUMPAD9 = прицел
*NUMPAD1 = Переключение меню
*NUMPAD4 = ESP предметов
*NUMPAD5 = ESP зомби
*PAGE UP = Текст ++
*PAGE DOWN = Текст --
*HOME = Вид расстояния + (Предметы и Зомби)
*END = Вид расстояния + (Предметы и Зомби)

*NUMPAD3 = Переключение функции автоматического запуска

- Player ESP
+Health Bar
- Crosshair

- Player ESP
+Health Bar
- Crosshair
- Zombie ESP
- Items ESP
- Zombie Aggro Snaplines

- Mini Map
- Compass
- 100% out of process (HWBP)

- Auto Walk

- DirectX Framework [b]

- C++ Framework
- WarZ в оконном режиме
- WarZ нужно растянуть на весь экран (Возможно исправят...)
- Rei.exe и Ayanami.dll должны находиться в одной папке
-Windows Vista/7/8 (не работает на xp)

- Windows не должна быть Basic или Standard , для этого установите]

[b]Как заставить работать(ENG):

1)Run Rei.exe ingame for the best performance.
-You can run Rei at any point, before you start the game or even in game.
2)If you see Rei in the bottom left-hand corner its working!
-If you start the hack b4 WarZ you will see nothing until WarZ is running

Read B4 You Post:
1) Read this full post!
2) This hack draws in another window (overlay) to get around the anti cheat screenshots
3) Using another injector will not work, as the main hack is not in the dll
4) If you dont see anyone, its b/c no one is around you (550m to 600m)
5) This hack does not have item ESP
6) You do not need to run this hack as admin, if you do you must run it b4 you start WarZ (or Black Screen of DEATH!)
7) This hack does not work on emulators

История обновлений:
Beta v0.1 - Survival
- Release
Beta v0.1a
- Health bar
- Toggle All - Arrow key up
- Toggle map - Arrow key Down
- Toggle Crosshairs - Arrow key Left
- Toggle Lines - Arrow key Right
- Change Text Size - Page up
- Change Text Size - Page Down

Beta v0.2 - Survival
-New crosshairs
-New hot key to hide names
-removed mini map (temp)
-Fixed the website pop up and changed location of login box
-Updated for Patch 1.1.0

Beta v0.3 - Survival
-New Find Player Method
-New Menu
-New hot key to hide Menu
-Fixed Text Size hot keys
-Fully removed mini map
-Added Players around you counter

Beta v0.3a - Survival
-WarZ Hot Fix Patch [02.19.2013]
-Moved menu

Beta v0.3b - Survival
-Fixed some memory leaks

Beta v0.2 - War
-Fixed Some Random Crashes
-Added hotkey for logging out (Crashes, still working on it)
-Added items ESP (Names are still bugged and items are not removed after picked up, small time delay)
-Added Zombie ESP
-Added Zombie Aggro
+Added webpage popup (Sorry guys, but I created this hack for this community)
+Added Warning box on load
+Will be taking names for the hacks black list from this months UC donors.

Beta v0.3 - War
-updates for new patch
-New hotkeys
-New menu
-fixed some bugs, I think...

Beta v0.3a - War
-optimized dll calls

Beta v0.3b - War
-WarZ Hot Fix Patch [02.19.2013]

Beta v0.3d - War
-Fixed some memory leaks
-Auto run Added

Beta v0.3e - War
-Changed some hotkeys
-Display some hotkeys
-Added toggle for zombie arrgo
-Testing black list names(No more people killing me with my own hack lols)
-Changed default view distance to max item range
-I think I did more... I should really write this stuff down...

Beta v0.3g - War
-Fixed name crash?

Beta v0.3h - War
-Fixed Hash memory leak